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Yes! Though the books in the star crossed series are in the same "world," they can be read as stand alone novels.  Though the books can be read in any order, this is the "official" reading order of the books:

  • Star-Crossed Letters 
    (preorder now - May 2023)
  • Star Crossed Darcy
    (free novella available now)
  • Star Crossed Christmas
    (preorder soon - October 2023) 

Are the books in your star-crossed series stand alone novels?

Yes, Chase's famous friends will get their own love stories (with all the tropes!)
  • Rockstar Ryder & Daisy's story - Star-Crossed Crush (late 2023)
    *(brother's best friend* *(not so) secret crush* *forced proximity roommates*
    *pet corgi cuteness* *sunshine heroine)*
  • Action star Ronan & kindergarten teacher Poppy - Star Crossed Christmas (October 2023)
    *single-dad and the nanny*
    *grumpy sunshine* 
     *meet-cute trapped in an elevator* *all the Christmas goodness*
  • Hollywood bad boy Sebastian  &  his assistant Jane (early 2024)
    boss&assistant* *only one bed!* *sassy heroine *bickering & banter
    *all the secret longing*

will ryder & daisy or sebastian & jane get their own stories?

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how can I contact you or keep in touch?

You've Got Mail is one of my all-time favorite movies. It's so adorable. But my imagination wondered what would happen if you took the You've Got Mail plot and made the Tom Hanks character a Hollywood Heartthrob instead of a rival bookstore owner. 

The inspiration for the meet-cute with a vintage typewriter came one day when I was writing in my favorite San Francisco cafe and a girl came in with a portable teal typewriter and started typing away. That's when the idea of the "pen pals" sending type written letters instead of emails or texts was born. 

What inspired you to write Star-crossed Letters?

Just finish your story. You can always fix it later. I have more than a few half-finished romances stashed away on old hard drives. I was always so busy editing and rewriting the first few chapters, I never made progress. Nothing changed until I promised myself to write a book all the way through before I worried about revisions. That was a game changer!

what advice would you give fellow writers?